E-Champ Platform

An open source server solution for turn-based online games

It's an easy way to create, play and share!

Neural Net

Handwritten digit recognition

Learning, testing and using neural networks in JavaScript

Implementation features

  • Training and testing neural networks in the browser.
  • An extensive database (MNIST) of several tens of thousands of samples.
  • Saving trained networks to local or remote storage.
  • Open source app code.

Evado Framework

Declarative Node.js framework for rapid application development

Build web apps without writing any code using free open source tools.

This is the shortest and most impressive way to your goal!

Features and benefits of the Evado Framework

  • Node.js and MongoDB accelerate development and simplify support.
  • User-friendly design optimizes data handling and reduces errors.
  • Modular structure makes it easy to customize components and create new ones.
  • Strict separation of user permissions improves operational control.
  • Responsive web API interacts with external systems.
  • Unified web interface accelerates user skills.

Social Network

Sweet Life or Building web apps without coding.

Evado Framework Modules


Create a multi-room movie theater management.

Cinema App Tutorial


Create a distance learning application.

E-learning App Tutorial

Online store

Create an online store app with order management and selection of goods.

Shop App Tutorial


Create an app for receiving and processing user requests for services.

E-government App Tutorial

Expert System

Create an app of emulation expert decision making ability.

Expert System App Tutorial

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Need a modern JavaScript web app with Node.js?

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