Build a blog with Areto Node.js framework

Startup scripts

Create a bin directory. There will be located application startup scripts.

The first and main script is the start of the web server. It contains configuration and initialization of the application.


const app = require('../module');
const async = require('areto/helper/AsyncHelper');
  cb => app.configure(process.env.NODE_ENV, cb),
  cb => app.start(cb)
], err => {
  err && console.error(err);

Configuring the run from WebStorm

Edit configurations -> Add new -> Node.js
Name: Areto Blog
Working directory: areto-blog
Javascript file: bin/server.js
Environment variables: NODE_ENV=development


When the web server has started successfully, you will receive a message in the WebStorm console:

info blog started in development { address: '::', family: 'IPv6', port: 3000 }